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Moving With Purpose And Passion

We’re moving.  We sold our house and have everything in storage until this coming Thursday, July 29th, when we will load it all up in a big moving truck and make our way to Gainesville, FL.  No, we don’t have family there and we are not moving for a job.

We’ve caught a revelation.  A revelation of Jesus Christ and the eternal purpose of God.  The revelation of Jesus as the central and supreme focus in the lives of a group of people who share life in community with each other and learn to participate in His life.  To share Jesus.  Eat and drink Jesus.  Reveal Jesus as He has revealed Himself to each person.

There’s a longing.  A longing that must be filled.  We’ve had it for quite some time.  You see, several years back we started noticing that our Christian experience(s) in the places we were a part of weren’t measuring up to what we read in the New Testament about Jesus, the disciples, apostles and the early Church.  We noticed that a lot of our time and energy were being spent on things, things that were told to us to be good and right for us, as Christians, to pursue.  And yet, the more we did, the more we pursued these things, the deeper the longing became.  The more it grew.  We noticed that while things in those places could get better…things just kept getting the same.

We kept feeling and sensing that there must to be more to being a follower of Jesus than what modern Christianity offers. For years we have asked ourselves, “Is this all the Christian life is about? Isn’t there more to being a follower of Jesus?  What was so life changing that persuaded the disciples and those of the early church to live and give their lives, even unto death?”

This revelation of Jesus Christ and the eternal purpose of God is the answer to that longing. This is the missing element, the missing part of life, that we had not found in any organized church we had ever been a part of.  And this is what we are moving for.

We are moving to be a part of a group of people that live shared lives upon these points…the supremacy and centrality of Jesus Christ in everything and God’s eternal purpose of having a dwelling place on the earth, a Bride for the Son, and a Body or family in which and by which to express Himself on the the earth.

Up to this point, we have only experienced it in a very limited way with a few friends here.  Over the last year, the Lord invited us to join a new work that He has started in Gainesville, FL and we have been through a wilderness journey that has brought us to this point now.  I desperately want to tell you more about it, but right now I would only be speaking as one viewing something from the outside.  My hope is to share more about this journey, this revelation of Jesus Christ and God’s eternal purpose from experience as the coming months go by.

For now, I can say this…Jesus Christ becoming the central being and supreme passion in our lives, and the eternal purpose of God is what we will give our lives for. He is what we live our lives for.


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