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A New Season (Part 1)

We arrived in Gainesville, FL on August 1, 2010.  Within a couple of weeks the church we moved here to be a part of was meeting in our home and, up to this point, we have only experienced organic church meetings in this way.

A new season has started.  Not season, as in Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and not season as in football or baseball season.  But a new season for our family, as well as a new season for the church.

Prior to us picking up and moving, Brenda spent a lot of time online looking for a place for us to rent, together we spent time in prayer about it, and a good sister who already lived here spent time driving by, looking at, and walking through several houses Brenda had found online.  Brenda and I had a desire to be able to host the meetings in our home and made ourselves available for that purpose if the Lord desired it as well.  Turns out He did.  He provided a great house in a great location with a great landlord.

Brenda and I love having people over.  We enjoy being around others and having others in our home for food, games, movies, fellowship and whatever else we can get ourselves into.  So when the church was able to meet in our home it thrilled us.  When we rented this house, we did so because we believed the Lord led us to this house for His purpose.  Our heart and mindset has been that this house would be available for the Lord to use as He desires for as long as we are in it.  So it has seen many uses, like organic church meetings, brothers meetings, sisters get togethers, baptisms, cookouts, birthday parties, and more.  We have been so blessed to have a house large enough to host all of these times together with our brothers and sisters, and our Lord.

Tonight was the first night that the meeting was held in a different house.  As the Lord has provided, another family has desired to host the church meetings and was able to rent a house large enough to accommodate the entire group.  So our time of hosting the church meetings in our home has come to an end, for now.  Our family will be moving into an apartment soon.  I’m sure we’ll still have people over and spend time with others.  But we won’t be hosting the church meetings anymore.

It felt strange today.  Spending time at the house on a Saturday, not having to do things around the house to prepare for everyone to be here.  I know it was less hectic and less stressful.  But for me it was sad.  I will miss it dearly.  I will miss it because from the time we’ve lived here our children have known that on Saturdays the saints come to our house to share in life and love.  To share Jesus.  I will miss the times after meetings when brothers and sisters just stay for a while because Christ is dwelling in, being made known in, and expressing Himself through His body, because they want to spend time with their brothers and sisters.  I will miss the children coming in and playing with the adults in our living room.  I will miss hearing the sound of 40 to 50 voices fill our house with love songs for our Bridegroom.  I will miss seeing all of the saints gathered together in our home for His purpose.

The saints are dear to me.  So, thank you Lord.  Thank you for allowing us this time of hosting our brothers and sisters in our home.  Thank you for giving us this rare and precious blessing.  Thank you for Your life living in us.

Thank you saints.  Thank you for allowing this opportunity.  We are all, together, a beautiful expression of our Lord, Jesus Christ, here in Gainesville.  For His glory and reknown.  I love you all.


9 Responses

  1. What a beautiful season we had under your roof the last few months. But it was always the warm glow of your (and Brenda’s) love that made us all feel at home in your house. And when we cheered against those Steelers, you turned the other cheek and loved us back. Now, if that’s not a testimony, I don’t know what is!


  2. I really appreciate all you guys have done.


    • Thanks Mark, the body is beautiful! Everyone here made it such a great time for us. From ideas to helping set up/tear down, and everything in between. We loved it!

      AND…we are looking forward to this new season of the church meeting in the Walters’ home. The Lord brought everything about in His great timing and the church is continuing to grow. So blessed to be a part of this expression of Christ!


  3. TOBIAAAAAAAAS…love you, brother. 🙂


  4. Thank yall for allowing us to meet there!! love the crap outta yall


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